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Strategic planning

Tell us your goals; we’ll help you figure out how to reach them.


Count on us to scope out the broadcast landscape, identify and assess your competition, and recommend the most advantageous positioning for your project.

Distribution and scheduling

We’ll identify the best broadcast venue and make sure you get there.


We’ll make your project stand out and get it noticed by programmers and press.

Station Relations

Rely on us to get the programmers who hold the key, invested in your project. Our ties with public TV and radio stations -- smaller markets and Top 10 alike -- are unmatched. And that spells success for you: advantageous scheduling, high- profile awareness.


We’ll target the best and most innovative opportunities to promote your project.


We’ve got the lists, and the contacts -- nationally, regionally,locally, and in specialty arenas.

Special Events

Intimate dinners to galas with panache, we’ll conceive and develop events that shine a light on your project, both around the neighborhood and across the nation.

Outreach Management

You want your work to make a difference. Our work will ensure that it does.


Do your print materials need punch or pathos? We’ll write materials with your message points and your target audience in mind or edit your own words.


Leave it to us: we’ll manage the graphics and the development of companion print pieces.

Multicultural reach

We’ll help you target multicultural viewers and press. And guarantee that the impact of your project reaches all kinds of Americans.


We don’t just set goals; we measure whether we reach them. You’ll receive a final report gauging the effectiveness of your project...and our efforts.

Client service

We’re in it for the long haul, right by your side -- cheering you through the rough spots, brainstorming strategies and
solutions each step of the way.

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