The art of marketing programs and series to public television programmers

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It’s called “Station Relations!” At DSA this means we market your program or series to public television programmers to secure scheduling. Our commitment is to work with you as a partner to ensure the success of your program or series.

Program Review

Review Your Program

  • Preview your program and set up a consultation call with you
  • Help you decide on the best distributor for your program or series
  • Help you secure a presenting station if needed
Program Release Planning

Plan Your Program Release

  • Recommend the best time of year to release your program or series
  • Develop a customized marketing plan for your project
  • Provide guidance on preparation of all program marketing collateral materials
Market- Your Program

Market Your Program

  • Market your program/series to public television program decision makers through one-on-one personal contacts
  • Plan and execute your public television conference events and activities
  • Provide detailed reports on your public television scheduling
Team Partners

Partner with Your Team

  • Work with you as partners committed to the success of your project


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